Companies that provide website, social-media, CRM and other marketing functions are discovering added revenue opportunities in content.  You provide the conduit; we'll add content; you keep the customer relationship.

Customers want technology AND content working together, and they're happy to pay someone (you) to solve that problem.

Active partner programs:

  • White-label licensing; offer video content across your customer base.
  • Dynamically-branded videos; high-value branded content, highly automated.
  • Value-added reseller; offer branded video libraries and share in the revenue.

That's just the beginning, as they say.  What about:

  • Adding video-making within your platform?
  • Integrating our new dynamic-images system, MergeImg?
  • Scheduling social-media posts for your customers.

Say It Visually is a dev-centric company that gets both media and technology.  Let's talk; give us a call at (888) 618-9088 (Pacific hours) or email partners [at] sayitvisually dot com.