The media consumer is in charge - they want content that's engaging and useful to them.  They'll use that content to inform themselves, and make up their mind about further engagement.  If it's really useful, they'll share it with other people.  They won't invest much time deciding if you're relevant.  You need to make things clear and understandable to them. That's what we do - not commercials "about you" - explanations for them.  

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Here's a selected portfolio of client work:

WizRocket Explainer Video

With WizRocket:

  • Companies get real-time data about every user action they deem significant on their apps and websites, with or without login.
  • Companies can communicate to their users: In-App, Mobile Push, Web Push or Email
  • All data about actions and notifications is analyzed and usable in real-time, at massive scale
  • Social profile information is automatically gathered and incorporated based on user permissions
  • WizRocket can be integrated into just about anything; development is simple - typically under 30 minutes
  • Listening is free
  • Talk Is Cheap

Dun&Bradstreet - D&B Direct API

The original business data company, Dun & Bradstreet, asked for our help explaining their amazing new Application Programming Interface (API).  This web API ties global business data into systems within companies, in real-time.

DFINE Star Tumor Ablation System (STARS)

Millions of cancer patients develop metastatic tumors in their spine.  It's excruciatingly painful. STAR Spine Tumor Ablation can relieve that pain in a same-day outpatient procedure. 

It's medically complex, but it's also highly emotional. We worked closely with DFINE to create a new approach to developing a series of videos.  We sent digital recorders into the field, and interviewed doctors and patients.  We then used their live, unrehearsed audio as the script/voiceover for the video series.

The doctors and patients said things 'in the moment' that were both clear and genuine. The audio editing was non-trivial, and devising visuals to bring their stories to life was a puzzle.  

If you have "real stories by real people" about your service, this approach is worth considering.  

Verizon Enterprise

Verizon Enterprise offers EMaaS (Enterprise Mobility as a Service), which provides complete enterprise mobility management from the cloud. We worked with them to identify the key concepts, audiences and best forms of media. The resulting explanation toolkit for their sales team has a consistent visual architecture spanning video, documents and presentations.   (We've worked on numerous projects with Verizon Wireless as well.)


"Worker demand for mobility and devices is turning organizations inside-out and upending traditional IT control. IT is scrambling to meet a difficult triple mandate - empower employees, maintain security and keep up with mobile technology.  EMaaS addresses that challenge, but it is complex, comprehensive and somewhat masked by Verizon’s brand and mental associations.

Improving internal and external visibility of the service requires clarity about what EMaaS is/does, and about the additional strength of the offer because it comes from Verizon Enterprise.  The purpose of a succinct explanation video is to cut through the noise and jargon, and make the essentials of the service clear."

Verizon liked this enough to update the video for the expanded offering - Mobile Workforce Manager.


Fixmo needed to reach a consumer audience and explain their service that protects privacy on smart phones. We developed a delightful character, Marty the Smartphone, to engage the audience emotionally so they understand the importance of protecting personal information.



Switzerland-based Xperedon supports charities with online tools to reach a worldwide audience of donors. We developed a warm and inviting video to tell the story of their umbrella organization for the purpose of converting prospects into clients.



CompuCom, the leading IT outsourcer, engaged Say It Visually for several years to help explain complex IT systems and services. We created explanation video content on very tough topics, like ITIL, to reach IT professionals and reinforce CompuCom's thought leadership. These videos gained over half a million views. The character "Stickman" became CompuCom's explanation mascot for a time, and was even featured on their service vans.



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