"How Much For An Explainer Video? Why?"

If you're considering investing in explanation video content, read this ebook.

We’ve been answering the question “How much for an explanation video?”  for years. Fortune 100 companies and tiny startups have asked that question on the same day more than once. 

This detailed 42-page ebook lays out the steps we take, the reasons for them, and the time range we allocate for each.  It will help you make the investment decision about "explainer video" - with Say It Visually, with another company, or doing it yourself.

You get what you pay for, especially in design work.

If you've decided that better explanation will help your business, let's talk.  We'll tell you how we approach this, what we can do, for how much, by when, to create something with long-term "return on understanding."  We don't have sales people standing by; you're going to talk with someone actually works on this stuff.

If we're not the right team to help you, we'll suggest some other studios whose work we respect.

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Case Study:  100x Better!

This case study compares 2 sets of videos - 9 conventional "live interview" corporate videos, and 8 explanation videos.  

Both sets of content are owned by the same company.  They were created in about the same time-frame, and received about the same promotion and outreach support. The difference in results is dramatic.  

The explanation videos achieved 100x better results overall, driving some 1.5 million minutes of brand exposure versus 13,000 for the conventional live-interview videos.

 Read the case study for more details.