Company Background


We launched Say It Visually the day after Lehman Brothers fell in 2008.  YouTube was 3 years old; online video was new-ish, but clearly picking up steam. A tiny handful of companies were producing animated video, and 'explainer video' wasn't yet a phrase. We found clients (and they found us) within 90 days.


Custom video was the main focus of the company for the first 5 years. As the value of engaging and informing people through video became more & more clear, more companies began seeking out the specialized expertise involved.  The niche for our team evolved quickly: complex subjects, diverse production styles suited to each subject, for mainly large Fortune-100 scale clients.

In the years since, we've worked with an amazing range of clients, diverse fields and topics. One way to measure the result is "millions of views." Another is (unsolicited) comments like this:

"This the best explanation of SACM in ITIL I've ever come across. I'm co-author of the ITIL v3 Service Strategy book. I worked closely with Service Transition co-author and good friend Shirley Lacy. Both of us would have loved to have worked with the minds behind this SACM explanation."  miqbal020

The best, of course, is that most of our work has been repeat business - we're a little fanatical about client service.

What About Everyone Else?

The studio niche has ruled out helping smaller companies, who generally won't risk the cost of production on a single explainer against the long-term benefits.  Fortunately, pioneering the explainer niche pushed us to develop expertise on the technical side of video as well. After several years of experiments, we launched a second service aimed at a broader set of customers: Fast Forward Stories.


Fast Forward provides branded explainer videos for key business verticals - mortgage, real estate, title and insurance.  Say It Visually created the content and the technical platform to handle branding and video deployment.  As the service and market has evolved, we pivoted FFWD to working mostly with partners.  Companies that provide websites, social-media services, email services and other marketing activities for these industries need content; it's a win-win-win for them, their customers & Fast Forward to bring the pieces together.

Vid.One aims at a faster, less-design-intensive end of the video spectrum, providing customers with do-it-yourself video creation in a web browser.  The service exited beta in Sept 2017, after over a year of design and development.  It's a 100% cloud-computing service - no servers here! The platform includes AI (image recognition for template search), video hosting & delivery, integration to 15+ external email, social media and marketing platforms, and a ton of content.


Campaign-Genius Email marketers can now send personalized, updatable visual content from any email, CRM or marketing system. This cloud-based platform uses existing email systems and data to generate custom Elastic Content™ for each viewer, on each open, instantly. It’s fast, simple, inexpensive and requires NO integration.


Systems that deliver content for businesses - websites, email, social media - need content to do the job of engaging & informing people.  We've partnered with quite a few companies to help them help their customers by providing ready-to-use content.  We 'get' both content & technology.

About Us

The general marketing advice for 'About Us' pages is to tell the company story and introduce the people behind the service. "You need a personal brand!" the marketing gurus say. 

Meh.  You're not going to find that here. 

Say It Visually is a small company, based in a small town, run by a handful of highly experienced people.  None of us feel the need to shoot selfies, write fluffy bios and humblebrag about how smart we are and why we have all the answers.  Maybe 'let the work speak for itself' is an old-fashioned notion, but we prefer helping customers over talking about ourselves. (There's quite enough of the latter in the world.)

If you want an actual personal connection, give us a call! We answer the phones ourselves, and are delighted to speak with customers and partners.
(888) 618-9088 - Pacific business hours.


We've Created Explanations Of...

Mobile Device Management. Unified Security Monitoring. Mortgage-backed Securities.  Human Resources Policies. Real Estate Short Sales. Application Packaging.  IT Asset Management.  IT Change Management.  Cloud Computing.  Service Asset & Configuration Management.  IT Service Catalog.  ITIL (IT Infrastructure Library). Spinning (In-Place Cycling).  Enterprise Project Management. Image Rights Management.  Fortune 100 "Idea Engine" Innovation Platform. Pay-The-Viewer Advertising.  Hoovers Business Data. Hospitality-Industry Social Network.  Real Estate Closing Costs.  Personal Injury Settlement.  Social Media.  Title Insurance.  The Metlife-Alico Merger.  Talent Acquisition Systems.  Inductive Reasoning Consulting Methodology.  Dental Implants.  Sales Enablement Web Applications.   Skype.  Skype Mobile.  Universal Remote Controls.  Browser-based Collaboration.  Mobile Contact Backup.  Cloud-based Media Management.  Infrastructure As A Service. US Wholesale Electric Power Structures.  Minority Participation in the US Census.  Cloud-Based Data Analysis.  Secure Webmail.  University Assessment Rubrics.  Home-Loan Modification. ERP Journal Attachments.  Multi-Factor Authentication. Web-based Time Management. Social Work Sourcing. Auto Insurance: Collision, Comprehensive, Bodily Injury, Property Damage & Uninsured Motorist.  Mobile Health Info For Moms.  How Neurotransmitters Work. Fixed-Estimate Service Costing. Tax Data Importing. Spinal Tumor Ablation. 

And also...

How Do I Know If I’m Ready To Buy A Home? How Do I Begin The Process Of Buying A Home? How Does Purchasing A Home Compare With Renting? How Do Lenders Decide The Maximum Loan Amount That Buyers Can Afford? How Can I Determine My Housing Needs Before I Begin The Search? What Should I Look For When Deciding On A Community? What Should I Do If Im Feeling Excluded From Certain Neighborhoods? How Can I Find Out About Schools & Community Resources? How Can I Find Information On The Property Tax Liability? Is An Older Home A Better Value Than A New One? What Should I Look For When Walking Through A Home? What Questions Should I Ask When Looking At Homes? How Can I Keep Track Of All The Homes I See? What Does A Home Inspector Do, And How Does An Inspection Figure In The Purchase Of A Home? What Is An Inspection Clause? Do I Need To Be There For The Inspection? How Can I Protect My Family From Lead In The Home? Are Power Lines A Health Hazard? Do I Need A Lawyer To Buy A Home? Do I Really Need Homeowners Insurance? What Steps Could I Take To Lower My Homeowners Insurance Costs? What About A Home Located In A Flood Plain? What Other Issues Should I Consider Before I Buy My Home? How Do I Make An Offer? How Do I Determine The Initial Offer? What Is Earnest Money, And How Much Should I Set Aside? What Are Home Warranties, And Should I Consider Them? What Is A Mortgage? What Is Loan To Value (LTV) And How Does It Affect The Size Of My Loan? What Types Of Mortgage Loans Are Available? When Do Adjustable Rate Mortgages Make Sense? What Are The Advantages Of 15- And 30-Year Fixed-Rate Mortgages? Can I Pay Off My Loan Ahead Of Schedule? Are There Special Mortgages For First-Time Homebuyers? How Large A Down Payment Do I Need? What Is Included In A Monthly Mortgage Payment? What Factors Affect Mortgage Payments? How Does The Interest Rate Factor In Securing A Mortgage Loan? What Happens If Interest Rates Decrease And I Have A Fixed Rate Loan? What Are Discount Points? What Is An Escrow Account? Do I Need One? What Steps Need To Be Taken To Secure A Loan? How Do I Choose The Right Lender For Me? How Are Pre-Qualifying And Pre-Approval Different? How Can I Find Out Information About My Credit History? What If I Find A Mistake In My Credit History? What Is A Credit Bureau Score And How Do Lenders Use Them? How Can I Improve My Credit Score? How Do I Choose The Best Loan Program For Me? What Is The Best Way To Compare Loan Terms Between Lenders? What Costs or Fees Are Associated With Loan Origination? What Is RESPA? What Is A Good Faith Estimate And How Does It Help Me? What Responsibilities Do I Have During The Lending Process? What Happens After Ive Applied For My Loan  ? What Should I Look Out For During The Final Walk-Through? What Makes Up Closing Costs? What Can I Expect To Happen On Closing Day? What Do I Get At Closing? What Is HUD? How Does HUD Help Homebuyers And Homeowners? What Is The FHA? How Can The FHA Assist Me In Buying A Home? What Is The FHA Loan Limit? What Are The Steps Involved In The FHA Loan Process? What Qualifies As An Income Source For The FHA? Can I Carry Debt And Still Qualify For FHA Loans? What Is The Debt-To-Income Ratio For FHA Loans? How Do Down Payments Work For An FHA Loan? How Does My Credit History Impact My Ability To Qualify? What Types Of Closing Costs Are Associated With FHA-Insured Loans? Are FHA Loans Assumable? What Should I Do If I Cant Make A Payment Or Fall Behind On An FHA Loan? What Should I Do If I Fall Behind On A Conventional Loan? What Is Mortgage Insurance? How Can I Receive A Discount On The FHA Initial Mortgage Insurance Premium? What Is PMI? What Are 203(B) And 203(K) Loans? How Do I Make A Home Ready To Sell? When Should I Sell? How Can I Improve My Home’s Value? Why Use A REALTOR®? How Do I Select An Broker To Help Me Sell? What Details Can I Ask Brokers In Advance? How Do I Set The Price On My House? How Is A Home Marketed? How Do I Evaluate An Offer? What Is A Counter-Offer? What Is A Reverse Mortgage? What Types of Homes? Reverse vs Home Equity Loans. Reverse, Heirs & Estates. Reverse Mortgage Amounts. Reverse Mortgage Payments. Existing Mortgages. Social Security, Medicare & More! Circumstances To Consider. Understanding Reverse Mortgage Interest.  HUD HECM Mortgage Insurance. Reverse Mortgage Repayment.