This visual lie is going to cost lives.

It’s March 26, 2020. The US now has more COVID-19 infected people than any nation. The not-elected-by-a-majority “President” is proposing to categorize the level of infection county-by-county. Presumably this is in support of “restarting the economy.”

Here’s what’s going to happen.

The “President” and his minions will start trotting out a MAP. The map will show the counties, color-coded. They’ll use this to talk about the fact that things are OK.


Showing a land-mass map to represent human-scale statistics is a lie. The eyes of viewers are receiving a verifiable misrepresentation. We’re accustomed to seeing geographical representations, so we brush it off. It’s “convenient.”

Lying about facts is illegal.

This lie is going to cost lives.

I encourage every responsible news organization to refrain from repeating the lie. All data visuals representing the scale of infections should show THE SCALE OF INFECTIONS, not the scale of the land where infections happen to be.

Some time later when we’re mopping up, let’s put all the heartless asses who used these lies in jail.