Cyber Risk Summit - Oct 30, 2014


"The Cyber Risk Summit brings together cyber security specialists, technologists, entrepreneurs, industry experts and business leaders to tackle the challenges and opportunities that come with cyber security strategies. Featuring break out sessions keyed in for your needs connecting with peers and strategic insights, this is a day you can't afford to miss.

Attendees from Human Resources, Accounting, and Legal departments can receive continuing education credit for attending and following a discipline specific curriculum."

If you're in Washington State or B.C., you'll want to be here.  This is cutting-edge stuff, and the indefatigable TAG org has pulled in a who's-who of speakers.  Mark R. Anderson (SNS), in person - I'd drive across the state to hear him talk, any day.  Mark Wallach of the FBI, Michael Cockrill of Office of the CIO for Washington State - zowie!

We explained some really arcane cybersecurity stuff a few years ago - bringing topics that abstract to life is very challenging. I'm the caboose for the day, trying to summarize on the fly. 

It's going to be intense and interesting - and probably a bit unnerving.  See ya there.