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mergeImg Features

mergeImg Features Overview

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Your Background Image

Start a new project by uploading a background image.  Don't have one?  Check out the 'Image Sources' link on the mergeImg home page.

Backgrounds can be PNG, JPG or even Animated GIFs.  

Text & Text Merge

Place one or more text blocks on your background.  Insert the merge fields used in your email platform.  Merge fields will be replaced by recipient data, creating a unique image for each email sent.

Layout and default values can be changed during campaigns.

Image Placeholders

Add viewer-specific images to your background, like social-media profile pictures or company logos, with image placeholders.  They'll be composited in on the fly to give your prospects a custom graphic.



Update Background Image

Ever changed your mind about an image just after hitting Send?  You can update the background of a mergeImg; recipient images will be updated on their next view.

Hundreds of Fonts

Match the text in your background image, or try different eye-grabbing fonts until you find one you like.  Each text block can use a different font, too.

Defaults Have You Covered

If you're missing a last name, no problem. You define the default/fallback values for each field.  Defaults can be updated any time, too; use them for inventory-remaining, countdowns and more.