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Solve Too-Many-Tabs In Chrome

Matthew Dunn

Our business systems are completely cloud-based - we don't have a server. We all happen to run Macs, and most of us use Chrome as our default browser.  So it's not uncommon to have dozens of tabs open.  To the Mac, they're all Chrome. 

Amusingly Recursive Screenshot 

Amusingly Recursive Screenshot 

I ran across a useful solution - an AppleScript called "createGcApp" that makes what us geeky types call a "site-specific browser."  Put simply - Podio (online collaboration tool) is my most-used web site.  I ran the createGcApp, gave it the Podio URL and icon.

Presto. I now have a Podio "application" that's actually just Podio-nailed-to-Chrome.  Alt-tab takes me to Podio (not Chrome), it remembers my login.  And it's actually only a tiny 82Kb shortcut.  YMMV. Download createGcApp here.